Ground and aerial shots of recent real estate projects we've shot

Real Estate Spills: Experts Explain 6 Ways To Make Money Off Your Property

Ground and aerial shots of recent real estate projects we've shot

Looking to make some extra cash from your property? Here are six ways experts say you can earn money from your home.

Get a Roommate: 

Getting a roommate is a straightforward way to make money from your property. You can rent out a spare room in your home. This brings in regular income and can help with bills or the mortgage. But remember, having a roommate means sharing your space. It’s important to get along and respect each other’s privacy. To avoid problems, set clear rules from the start. 

It’s a good idea to have a lease agreement. This makes sure both you and your roommate know what’s expected. Be clear about things like bills, cleaning, and guests. Having a roommate can be a great experience. It can even lead to new friendships. Just make sure to choose someone you think you’ll be able to live with comfortably​​.

Rent Out Your Yard: 

Renting out your yard is a clever way to earn some extra money. If you’ve got a big garden, a pool, or even a guest house, these can be rented out. You can charge by the hour or night. There are apps to help with this. For example, Sniffspot lets people bring their dogs to play in your yard. Another app, Swimply allows you to rent out your pool. 

You won’t make enough to cover your whole mortgage, but it’s a nice way to help with upkeep costs. This can also be a good way to meet new people in your area. Just make sure to set the rules and rates that work for you. It’s a flexible option that can bring in a bit of extra cash without too much effort​​.

Grow and Sell Produce: 

  • Grow Fruit and Veggies: If you have a garden, consider growing fruit and vegetables. They’re easy to grow in most climates. You can sell your extra produce fresh. This is a nice way to make money and also have fresh food for yourself​​.
  • Make and Sell Jams and Preserves: With your home-grown produce, you can make jams, pickles, and other preserves. These can be sold all year round. It’s a fun way to use your produce and earn some money from it​​.
  • Sell Flowers and Seeds: If you prefer flowers, grow a flower garden. You can sell the blooms and seeds. You can also rent out your garden for photos or small events. For crafters, think about drying flowers for jewellery or prints. This is a creative way to make money from your garden​​.

Offer Extra Storage Space: 

Offering extra storage space in your home can be a good way to make money. If you’ve got space in a garage or a shed that you’re not using, think about renting it out for storage. Storage units can be quite expensive, so many people look for cheaper alternatives. 

Renting out your space can be a great solution for them and a way for you to earn extra cash. You can choose to rent out for short periods, like for people who are moving house and need temporary storage. Or, you might rent it out for longer, like for storing an RV or a boat. This is a flexible way to make money. You can decide what works best for you and your space​​.

Open a Home Studio: 

Opening a home studio is a fun way to earn money from your property. If you have a hobby like art, music, or gaming, you can turn a space in your home into a studio. This can be a place for you to enjoy your hobby and also make some extra cash. 

You could use it to stream games, create art to sell, or give music lessons. The best part about a home studio is that you’re earning money by doing something you love. It’s not just about the money; it’s also about having a special space for your interests. Plus, you can use it any time you like. A home studio is a great way to combine your hobby with a chance to earn extra income​​.

Rent To A Company:

Due to the rising cost of living in the UK, it’s getting hard for many people to own a property, especially employees. With that in mind, companies are looking for houses in various areas that they can rent for their employees.

This is called a company let, and has become quite popular in various parts of the UK. Even landlords are keen to rent to professional tenants who are having their rent paid by an employer, since companies pay a handsome amount of rent to houses that they rent for their employees.


In conclusion, these six methods offer creative ways to make money from your property. From renting out a room or your yard to growing and selling produce, these options can provide extra income with varying levels of effort and investment. 

Whether it’s using your home for storage space, opening a home studio, or even renting it as a film set, each idea presents a unique opportunity to monetise your property. By exploring these options, you can turn your home into not just a living space, but a source of income as well.